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Ultimate Finishes supplier, has once again teamed up with Kryptek

Ultimate Finishes supplier, has once again teamed up with Kryptek for the release of two new hydrographic film patterns: Neptune and Pontus. The new patterns seem to take their cue from our glorious oceans. Neptune is clearly reminiscent of the deep blue sea. Its nautically-inspired color palette beckons us to the depths of an underwater world. […]

Announcing the release of “EVO”(Extra-wide Versatile Open-terrain) Pattern

Once again Ultimate Finishes supplier, has teamed up with Next Camo for the release of a new hydrographic: “EVO” (Extra-wide Versatile Open-terrain) pattern. This new extra-wide open-terrain waterfowl pattern was designed to conceal hunters in a number of open terrain environments, ranging from marshes and mudflats to open grassy fields. It’s obvious that Next Camo […]

The Phantom Flame Arrives!

Ultimate Finishes announces the release of the new “Phantom Flame” film pattern. This new fire-inspired design contains a right and left side flame. This pattern, however, was designed as a tribute to the art of air brushing. We can now get the air brush effect without the cost and time associated with the process. Additionally, […]