Ultimate Finishes supplier, has once again teamed up with Kryptek

Ultimate Finishes supplier, has once again teamed up with Kryptek for the release of two new hydrographic film patterns: Neptune and Pontus. The new patterns seem to take their cue from our glorious oceans.

Neptune is clearly reminiscent of the deep blue sea. Its nautically-inspired color palette beckons us to the depths of an underwater world. Pontus was created for those individuals with an obsession that is manifested by chasing rainbows in Montana or wrestling Marlin off the coast of Baja. Brighter and lighter than Neptune, this design is sure to make your products stand out from the crowd.


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Announcing the release of “EVO”(Extra-wide Versatile Open-terrain) Pattern

Once again Ultimate Finishes supplier, has teamed up with Next Camo for the release of a new hydrographic: “EVO” (Extra-wide Versatile Open-terrain) pattern. This new extra-wide open-terrain waterfowl pattern was designed to conceal hunters in a number of open terrain environments, ranging from marshes and mudflats to open grassy fields.

It’s obvious that Next Camo has set out to “disrupt” the waterfowl and big game pattern market with this extra-wide and extremely versatile camouflage pattern. The Next EVO pattern is made up of a combination of elements commonly found in marshland and open, grass-covered environments along with leaves limbs and twigs–making it the perfect multi-environmental pattern for just about any situation.


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The Phantom Flame Arrives!

Ultimate Finishes announces the release of the new “Phantom Flame” film pattern. This new fire-inspired design contains a right and left side flame.
This pattern, however, was designed as a tribute to the art of air brushing. We can now get the air brush effect without the cost and time associated with the process. Additionally, Ultimate finishes processors will have the ability to exercise their creativity by choosing any basecoat color, essentially empowering them to create vibrant works of art. The Phantom Flame water transfer printing film pattern is available through Ultimate Finishes. Keep current with new products and up to date processes at Ultimate Finishes